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Insects in the Park

Monarch Butterfly, Verona Park, NJ

Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterflies seen in Verona Park in September (usually the fourth brood of the year) will migrate to a wintering location in northern Mexico. They accomplish this impressive trip without having done it before. An amazing accomplishment for this small creature.

Robber Fly, Verona Park, NJ

Robber Fly

This insect helps to control the rest of the insect population by capturing flying insects with its spiny long legs and consuming them.

Flower Fly, Verona Park, NJ

Bees & Flower Flies

These insects pollinate flowers which produce the beautiful flowers and vegetables found in Verona Park.

Shadow Darner Dragonfly, Verona Park, NJ

Dragonflies & Damselflies

These insects help control the mosquito and fly population by catching and consuming them while in flight. The diversity of dragonflies and damselflies along a stream or around a lake is also a gauge of water pollution. The fewer of these insects around the water, the more polluted the water is.

Wolf Spider, Verona Park, NJ


These creatures (Arachnids) have eight legs and most have eight eyes. The eyes are arranged in different configurations depending upon how a spider species hunts. Some spiders build a web to trap insects, some jump on insects, and some hide or run on the ground to capture insects or other spiders. Overall, most spiders are beneficial because they eat enormous quantities of insects that we consider pests.

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